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We only released the following data to protect your privacy:

  • ZIP / City
  • Information on the accommodation (number of care places, size of the dogs, etc.)
  • Contact data - These are encrypted via forms so that your e-mail address and, if applicable, telephone number are not displayed directly.

Would you like to change your details or delete your offer? Contact us.

  • Do you have enough time to take the animal(s) in and get used to its new environment?
  • Many animals are also traumatized by the escape. Please be aware that this can lead to fearful or aggressive behavior. Some animals may not be housebroken.
  • The health status of some animals (vaccinations, parasites, etc.) is unclear. Attempt to obtain appropriate information and documents (if available) at the handover. Please also consider this for contact with other people and animals. If the rabies vaccination status is unclear, the dogs must be placed in house quarantine. Please contact your local official veterinarian.
  • The dog/dogs may not be able to stay alone. Can you ensure supervision?
  • If you already have a dog in the household, look for a neutral place to hand over your new protégé so that the dogs can get to know each other in peace and that compatibility can be ensured.
  • An additional animal in the house also causes costs. Clarify in advance whether these costs will be covered or whether you will pay for the care.
  • Veterinary Care: Many veterinarians treat refugee animals free of charge. Talk to your vet if he's willing to do this. The state chambers of veterinarians have already created corresponding offers. Further information: https://www.tieraerzteverband.de/bpt/aktuelles/ukraine-hilfe/index.php

We are in contact with the insurance companies to find uncomplicated solutions. The DEVK, partner of the VDH, has announced:

A customer with DEVK animal owner liability takes in refugees who have one or more dogs.

A customer with DEVK animal owner liability takes on another dog, e.g. as part of the VDH offer. In this case, provisional insurance cover is also provided free of charge.

With a Ukrainian passport/ID you can travel to Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg and Munich. You don’t need a ticket. If you want to continue your journey, you can get a free “helpukraine” service ticket, valid in 2nd class, from the DB travel center or a DB agency to your desired destination. Please present your Ukrainian ID card (passport/ID card) to the ticket inspector at the travel agency.

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Ukraine is not included in the list of third countries of destination. Therefore, pets traveling to the Netherlands must meet the requirements for entry from non-listed third countries. In view of the expected influx of Ukrainian refugees, Germany and other EU countries are temporarily restricting the conditions for entry of pets.

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The VDH has campaigned at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Homeland to ensure that these dogs from Ukrainian refugees can be brought to Germany despite the import ban under the HundVerbrEinfVO. According to the Federal Ministry, this is permitted if the dogs are not staying in Germany for more than four weeks with an accompanying person who is not resident in Germany. An extension of a temporary stay is possible according to §2 paragraph 3 sentence 2 to avoid unreasonable hardship by the responsible authorities (regulatory office) on request.