Entry to Germany

Help with the trip to Germany

Information about travel to Germany and the Deutsche Bahn network can be found here.

Travel with your dog on the train without a ticket

With a Ukrainian passport/ID you can travel to Berlin, Dresden, Nuremberg and Munich. You don’t need a ticket. If you want to continue your journey, you can get a free “helpukraine” service ticket, valid in 2nd class, from the DB travel center or a DB agency to your desired destination. Please present your Ukrainian ID card (passport/ID card) to the ticket inspector at the travel agency.

Simplified travel conditions with pets from Ukraine to Germany

Ukraine is not included in the list of third countries of destination. Therefore, pets traveling to the Netherlands must meet the requirements for entry from non-listed third countries. In view of the expected influx of Ukrainian refugees, Germany and other EU countries are temporarily restricting the conditions for entry of pets.